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Crundee Craft

Crundee Craft - Pack created by SSundee, MrCrainer and Kehaan

Pack details from ATL: https://www.atlauncher.com/pack/CrundeeCraft

A great pack to start learning modded minecraft, full of magic, machines and more!

You are allowed to make videos/stream the pack, but please link back to the pack page in your description - https://www.atlauncher.com/pack/CrundeeCraft

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Crundee Craft

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Pack Installation

Pack installation tutorial coming soon!

Banned Items
Most of Archimedes ShipsArchimedes ShipsItems buggy, laggy and despawn randomly
Display PedestalArtifactsDupes Items
Bound PickaxeBlood MagicBypasses Grief-Prevention
Earth FormerBlood MagicBypasses Grief-Prevention
Imperfect Ritual StoneBlood MagicUnfair on other server members
Robotics Redstone BoardBuildCraftAllows bypassing of Grief-Prevention
Robotics RobotBuildCraftBypasses Grief-Prevention
QuarryBuildCraftBypasses Grief-Prevention
Cloud in a bottleChisel 2Bypasses Grief-Prevention
Nightmare Bed & BlockDivine RPGCauses Server-Wide Lag
Sun DialDraconic EvolutionUnfair on other server members
Weather ControllerDraconic EvolutionUnfair on other server members
Draconic Staff Of PowerDraconic EvolutionCrashes Server, Creates Lag, Bypasses Grief-Prevention
Ender-Thermic PumpExtra UtilitiesChunk Loader, Plugin manages that
Ender Quarry World Hole UpgradeExtra UtilitiesBypasses Grief-Prevention, Causes lag
Ender-CollectorExtra UtilitiesDupes
Sponge PetInventory PetsBypasses Grief-Prevention
Cloud PetInventory PetsBypasses Grief-Prevention
Illuminati PetInventory PetsCan spawn in creative items
Graveyard PetInventory PetsDupes
Double Chest PetInventory PetsDupes
Garage DoorMalisis' DoorCrashes Client
Rockets & LaunchersMineFactory ReloadedBypasses Grief-Prevention
Sacred & Super Sacred Rubber SaplingMineFactory ReloadedBypasses Grief-Prevention, Causes lag
Chunk LoaderMineFactory ReloadedChunk Loader, Plugin manages that
CursorOpen BlocksDupe
Crane Items Open BlocksBypasses Grief-Prevention
MarketPam's HarvestcraftDupes
Magnetic ForceRandom ThingsCrashes Client
Operator KeyRandom ThingsOP Only Item
Imbued FireThaumcraftBypasses Grief-Prevention
Florbs of any kindThermal ExpansionBypasses Grief-Prevention
Drawbridges of any kindTinkers' ConstructDupes
Coconut BombTropicraftBypasses Grief-Prevention
Twilight Forest WorldTwilight ForestCauses huge lag server-wide
Ore MagnetTwilight ForestBypasses Grief-Prevention
Ice BombTwilight ForestBypasses Grief-Prevention
Poppet ShelfWitcheryChunk Loader, Plugin manages that
Primal FocusThaumcraftBypasses Grief Prevention
Primal FocusThaumcraftBypasses Grief Prevention