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Crundee Craft

Crundee Craft - Pack created by SSundee, MrCrainer and Kehaan

Pack details from ATL: https://www.atlauncher.com/pack/CrundeeCraft

A great pack to start learning modded minecraft, full of magic, machines and more!

You are allowed to make videos/stream the pack, but please link back to the pack page in your description - https://www.atlauncher.com/pack/CrundeeCraft

Server Status

Crundee Craft

Pack Installation

Pack installation tutorial coming soon!

Banned Items
Most of Archimedes ShipsArchimedes ShipsItems buggy, laggy and despawn randomly
Display PedestalArtifactsDupes Items
Bound PickaxeBlood MagicBypasses Grief-Prevention
Earth FormerBlood MagicBypasses Grief-Prevention
Imperfect Ritual StoneBlood MagicUnfair on other server members
Robotics Redstone BoardBuildCraftAllows bypassing of Grief-Prevention
Robotics RobotBuildCraftBypasses Grief-Prevention
QuarryBuildCraftBypasses Grief-Prevention
Cloud in a bottleChisel 2Bypasses Grief-Prevention
Nightmare Bed & BlockDivine RPGCauses Server-Wide Lag
Sun DialDraconic EvolutionUnfair on other server members
Weather ControllerDraconic EvolutionUnfair on other server members
Draconic Staff Of PowerDraconic EvolutionCrashes Server, Creates Lag, Bypasses Grief-Prevention
Ender-Thermic PumpExtra UtilitiesChunk Loader, Plugin manages that
Ender Quarry World Hole UpgradeExtra UtilitiesBypasses Grief-Prevention, Causes lag
Ender-CollectorExtra UtilitiesDupes
Sponge PetInventory PetsBypasses Grief-Prevention
Cloud PetInventory PetsBypasses Grief-Prevention
Illuminati PetInventory PetsCan spawn in creative items
Graveyard PetInventory PetsDupes
Double Chest PetInventory PetsDupes
Garage DoorMalisis' DoorCrashes Client
Rockets & LaunchersMineFactory ReloadedBypasses Grief-Prevention
Sacred & Super Sacred Rubber SaplingMineFactory ReloadedBypasses Grief-Prevention, Causes lag
Chunk LoaderMineFactory ReloadedChunk Loader, Plugin manages that
CursorOpen BlocksDupe
Crane Items Open BlocksBypasses Grief-Prevention
MarketPam's HarvestcraftDupes
Magnetic ForceRandom ThingsCrashes Client
Operator KeyRandom ThingsOP Only Item
Imbued FireThaumcraftBypasses Grief-Prevention
Florbs of any kindThermal ExpansionBypasses Grief-Prevention
Drawbridges of any kindTinkers' ConstructDupes
Coconut BombTropicraftBypasses Grief-Prevention
Twilight Forest WorldTwilight ForestCauses huge lag server-wide
Ore MagnetTwilight ForestBypasses Grief-Prevention
Ice BombTwilight ForestBypasses Grief-Prevention
Poppet ShelfWitcheryChunk Loader, Plugin manages that
Primal FocusThaumcraftBypasses Grief Prevention
Primal FocusThaumcraftBypasses Grief Prevention