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Infinity Evolved

Pack details from FTB: http://www.feed-the-beast.com/projects/ftb-infinity-evolved
An excellent all-rounded pack, great for players of all ages and abilities to enjoy, either solo or with friends!
We also have other modes of Infinity Evolved:
- Infinity Evolved Expert Mode

Pack Installation

Pack installation tutorial coming soon!

Banned Items
Network ToolApplied Energistics 2Bypasses Grief-Prevention
Earth FormerBlood MagicBypasses Grief-Prevention
Imperfect Ritual StoneBlood MagicUnfair on other server members
Redstone BoardBuildCraftBypasses Grief-Prevention
QuarryBuildCraftBypasses Grief-Prevention
Robotics RobotBuildCraftBypasses Grief-Prevention
Cloud in a bottleChisel 2Bypasses Grief-Prevention
Advanced TurtleComputerCraftBypasses Grief-Prevention
TurtleComputerCraftBypasses Grief-Prevention
Draconic Staff Of PowerDraconic EvolutionCrashes Server, Bypasses Grief-Prevention
Sun DialDraconic EvolutionUnfair on other server members
Weather ControllerDraconic EvolutionUnfair on other server members
Ender-Thermic PumpExtra UtilitiesChunkloader, Plugin manages that
Ender Quarry World Hole UpgradeExtra UtilitiesBypasses Grief-Prevention, Causes lag
NukeIC2Bypasses Grief-Prevention
Basic Logistics PipeLogistics PipesCorrupts Playerdata
MFR SPAMR launcher & RocketMineFactory ReloadedBypasses Grief-Prevention
Sacred/Super Sacred Rubber Sapling MineFactory ReloadedBypasses Grief-Prevention, Causes lag
Chunk LoaderMineFactory ReloadedChunk Loader, Plugin manages that
Anchors of any kindRailcraftChunk Loader, Plugin manages that
Dimension BuilderRF ToolsPotential lag
Chunk LoaderSteve's Carts 2Chunk Loader, Plugin manages that
Bottled TaintThaumcraftChanges biome to Taint
FlorbThermal ExpansionBypasses Grief-Prevention
SDX1Tinkers' ConstructBypasses Grief-Prevention
DrawbridgeTinkers' ConstructUsed for Duping
Ice BombTwilight ForestBypasses Grief-Prevention
Ore MagnetTwilight ForestBypasses Grief-Prevention
Poppet ShelfWitcheryChunk Loader, Plugin manages that