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Infinity Evolved Expert Mode

Infinity Evolved - FTB

Infinity Evolved adds game modes! Two modes are currently included; 'normal' and 'expert'. New and existing worlds are automatically in 'normal' mode, to switch to the all-new game mode type the following command (without quotes): /ftb_mode set expert At any time you can return to 'normal' to typing the command: /ftb_mode set normal These same commands can be executed by server ops either in game or from console. Players joining a server will be switched to the server's game mode upon login automatically. World resets are not required with the update to 2.0.0 but highly suggested if you are planning to play 'expert' mode due to the massive amount of progression changes. The pack for all people. Infinity is the general all-purpose pack from the FTB team that is designed for solo play as well as small and medium population servers.

Server Status

Infinity Evolved (Expert)

Pack Installation

Pack installation tutorial coming soon!

Banned Items
Network ToolApplied EnergisticsBypasses Grief Prevention
Bound PickaxeBlood MagicBypasses Grief Prevention
Earth FormerBlood MagicBypasses Grief Prevention
Imperferct Ritual StoneBlood MagicUnfair to other players
Redstone BoardBuildCraftBypasses Grief Prevention
Robotics RobotBuildCraftBypasses Grief Prevention
QuarryBuildCraft BuildersBypasses Grief Prevention
Cloud in a bottleChisel 2Bypasses Grief Prevention
TurtleComputerCraftBypasses Grief Prevention
Advanced TurtleComputerCraftBypasses Grief Prevention
Draconic Staff of PowerDraconic EvolutionCrashes Server
Sun DialDraconic EvolutionUnfair to other players
Weather ControllerDraconic EvolutionUnfair to other players
Certus Quartz TankExtra Cells 2Dupes
Ender-Thermic PumpExtra UtilitiesBypasses Grief Prevention
Ender Quarry World Hole UpgradeExtra UtilitiesBypasses Grief Prevention
Ender-CollectorExtra UtilitiesDupes
NukeIndustrialCraft 2Bypasses Grief Prevention
Chemical ThrowerImmersive EngineeringBypasses Grief Prevention
Self-Propelled Anti Material RocketMineFactory ReloadedBypasses Grief Prevention
Tracking Self-Propelled Anti Material RocketMineFactory ReloadedBypasses Grief Prevention
MFR SPAMR LauncherMineFactory ReloadedBypasses Grief Prevention
Sacred Rubber SaplingMineFactory ReloadedBypasses Grief Prevention
Super Sacred Rubber SaplingMineFactory ReloadedBypasses Grief Prevention, Causes Lag
Chunk LoaderMineFactory ReloadedChunk Loader
Crane BackpackOpenBlocksBypasses Grief Prevention
Crane ControlOpenBlocksBypasses Grief Prevention
Crane EngineOpenBlocksBypasses Grief Prevention
Crane MagnetOpenBlocksBypasses Grief Prevention
World AnchorRailcraftChunk Loader
Passive AnchorRailcraftChunk Loader
Personal AnchorRailcraftChunk Loader
Admin AnchorRailcraftChunk Loader
Dimension BuilderRFToolsPotential Lag
Chunk LoaderSteves Carts 2Chunk Loader
Essentia CoilTechnomancyCrashes Server
Bottled TaintThaumcraftChanges biome to taint
Imbued FireThaumcraftBypasses Grief Prevention
FlorbThermal ExpansionBypasses Grief Prevention
Magmatic FlorbThermal ExpansionBypasses Grief Prevention
SDXTinkers ConstructBypasses Grief Prevention
DrawbridgeTinkers ConstructDupes
Ice BombTwilight ForestBypasses Grief Prevention
Ore MagnetTwilight ForestBypasses Grief Prevention
Poppet ShelfWitcheryChunk Loader